High School


Rush Education is a Fully Accredited K-12 Academic Learning
Community and College Preparatory Program that offers a
comprehensive list of courses that meet all of the matriculation
requirements for High School students.


Monday – Friday, 7:30a – 4:00p


10 months, August – May

Class Size

Varies between clubs


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High School Progression Recommendations

The following course progressions in the core subject areas are used as a guide for families to understand how their children could progress through high school. High school students can create a course of study personalized for their interests and goals. To earn a college prep academic diploma, students must complete 23.5 credits of academic and elective courses. Students earn one credit (one year) for each 36-week course.



9th Grade –

Honors English 1

10th Grade – Honors English 2

11th Grade – Honors English 3

12th Grade – Honors English 4

Social Studies

9th Grade – Sociology & Psychology

10th Grade – Honors World History

11th Grade – Honors U.S. History

12th Grade – Honors Government & Economics



9th Grade –

Honors Algebra I

10th Grade – Honors Geometry

11th Grade – Honors Algebra 2

12th Grade – Honors Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus


9th Grade – Honors Physical Science

10th Grade – Honors Biology

11th Grade – Honors Chemistry

12th Grade – Honors Physics

High School College Prep & Honors Courses

Rush Education offers digital textbook-based curriculum options. Our high school courses combine the interactivity of the web with on- and off-line assignments. Our courses feature materials carefully chosen for their academic quality and suitability for a wide range of learning styles.

College prep courses have been thoughtfully designed so that successful completion prepares students for college-level courses at the most demanding colleges and universities. In addition, our school provides a wide range of honors courses, which meet the needs of college-bound students seeking a challenging academic curriculum.

The honors program takes college prep courses to the next level by focusing on critical thinking, research and writing skills, and creative application of ideas.

Advanced Placement Courses

Our school provides a wide variety of advanced placement (AP) courses, enabling students to take college-level courses and exams and earn college credit or placement while still in high school.

Advanced placement programs emphasize vocabulary development, critical thinking, problem-solving, expository writing, and research. Excellent AP exam scores enable many Rush Education graduates to be exempt from entry-level courses in college.

AP Art History

AP Computer Science

AP English Language + Composition
AP English Literature + Composition

AP U.S. History

AP World History

AP U.S. Government & Politics

AP Microeconomics

AP Macroeconomics

AP Psychology

AP Calculus Prep

AP Biology

AP Physics

AP Environmental Science

AP Chemistry

AP Courses available at an additional cost

Sample Class Schedule

7:45a – 9:30a
9:30a – 9:50a
10:00a – 12:00p
12:00p – 1:00p
1:00p – 3:00p
3:00p – 4:00p
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