Empowering Student-Athletes Worldwide:
A Blended Learning Community

Welcome To Our School

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the distinctive Rush Education experience. Unlike most educational approaches, we firmly believe in igniting each student’s passion by providing them with a specialization of interest from the outset. This specialization serves as the cornerstone for engaging with each student individually, marking the starting point for their learning journey.

At Rush Education, we advocate for a dynamic learning culture that thrives on the development, application, and measurement of both soft and practical skills within a competitive framework. Our learning model prioritizes individualization, skill enhancement, and competitive prowess. We deeply value the meaningful connections our programs foster with our students.

Who We Are

A Proven Approach to Empowering Student-Athletes

Rush Education stands as a beacon of academic excellence and athletic prowess, committed to nurturing student-athletes within a balanced educational environment. Our accredited institution upholds rigorous academic standards while fostering a supportive space for sports enthusiasts.

Distinguished by our commitment to innovation, Rush Education emphasizes three pillars: Academics, Sports, and the Arts. Here, students delve into specialized subjects spanning soccer and engineering to writing, languages, and the arts. Our unique structure allows students to dedicate time daily to their chosen focus area, plus core studies including Math, English, Science, Social Studies, World Languages, Fine Arts, and Physical Education.

At Rush Education, we pride ourselves on a skill-oriented, competitive learning program with a low student-to-teacher ratio and a well-structured daily schedule. Our institution has propelled countless student-athletes into colleges, securing athletic and academic scholarships across various esteemed educational institutions, including NCAA DI, II, and III, NAIA, Junior Colleges, and beyond.

Elevating our success further, Rush Education seamlessly integrates academics with sports training, forming a comprehensive Player Pathway. This pioneering initiative empowers student-athletes to pursue fully accredited K-12 academic curriculums while engaging in daily training at cutting-edge facilities. The result is a holistic educational journey that fosters athletic excellence alongside academic achievement, preparing students for success in both their academic endeavors and chosen sports.

Blended Approach

At Rush Education, we believe in harnessing the power of both education and athletics to provide our students with a well-rounded learning experience. Our blended approach recognizes that physical activity and mental stimulation go hand in hand in fostering holistic growth. By intertwining rigorous academic curriculum with athletic training and competition, we aim to cultivate not only strong minds but also healthy bodies.

Through our blended approach, students not only excel academically but also develop important life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and resilience through sports. Whether it’s solving complex math problems or scoring a winning goal, our students learn to apply the same level of dedication and determination across all aspects of their lives. This integrated approach prepares them not only for success in the classroom but also for the challenges they’ll face beyond graduation, equipping them with the skills they need to thrive in a competitive world.


Our program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive education through fully accredited K-12 academic school curriculums. This means that Rush players have the unique opportunity to attend an accredited school right at the same facilities where they train daily. By combining academic excellence with sports training, we create a supportive environment where students can pursue their passions and excel both on and off the field.

Students not only receive top-notch athletic training but also have access to high-quality education. By offering fully accredited academic curriculums, we prioritize academic achievement alongside athletic development. Allowing our students to maintain a balanced lifestyle while pursuing their goals in both academics and sports.


Unlock your child’s full potential by ramping up their training with Rush Soccer’s High-Performance Training and Academic Model. Our innovative program is meticulously crafted to elevate both athletic prowess and academic excellence. By boosting your child’s training volume, they’ll immerse themselves in a comprehensive regimen that fuels their growth on all fronts.

Parent Testimonials

“The Rush Education Hawaii program is the perfect solution for us; a private school education at almost half of the cost, and top-tier soccer training every single day. The online curriculum allows our kids to advance and challenge themselves, while at the same time providing the flexibility we need for them to travel multiple times to the mainland to compete in showcases and tournaments…without the stress of having to “catch up” with their schoolwork when they return. Hawaii’s student-athletes need an edge to be able to compete with mainland players for the top spots in high-level college programs and academies, and Rush Education Hawaii provides us that opportunity.”

“The NWEA testing and reporting keeps me updated on my child’s progress. No more waiting for report cards.”

“Our experience with Hawaii Rush Academy has been nothing short of exceptional. The school’s balance between rigorous academics and structured soccer training is impressive. My son absolutely loves the school, his teachers, and the coaching staff. He is always eager to go to school and engage in the hybrid learning program.

Since joining Hawaii Rush Academy, my son has drastically improved as a soccer player. The coaching staff’s dedication and expertise have been instrumental in his development, helping him refine his skills and grow in confidence on the field. We deeply appreciate the personalized attention and the supportive environment that the coaches and academy provide.

Hawaii Rush Academy’s commitment to student development is evident in its ability to offer US Mainland-level academics while providing a comprehensive soccer development plan. The tracking and support for student-athletes are phenomenal, ensuring that each child excels both on the field and in the classroom. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to join this amazing community, and we are truly grateful for the positive impact it has had on our son’s growth and happiness.”


“The academics are top-level and very challenging. I am very pleased with the program!”

“My kids can’t wait to get to school. They love starting (and ending) their day with soccer training.”