About Rush Education


At Rush Education, we are committed to nurturing well-rounded students who excel both academically and athletically. Our educational philosophy revolves around the belief that every student should have a passion and a clear focus. To achieve this, we integrate three key elements: Academics, Athletics, and Academy Life.

Inspired by the success of Rush Soccer, which has positively impacted 125 communities worldwide, we are dedicated to excellence in education. We work closely with faculty, coaches, staff, and the community to create a vibrant and inclusive learning environment.

Our approach is centered on blending academics and athletics seamlessly. We provide a robust framework including core values, detailed timetables, and procedures, as well as Centers of Excellence (C.O.E.’s), all supported by a team of highly qualified professionals.

At Rush Education, we offer a blended online and in-person educational experience. This allows students to pursue their academic goals while also honing their athletic skills, enhancing their overall development.

Our program features high-performance training and academic models, ensuring that every aspect of a student-athlete’s growth is addressed effectively. Additionally, our K-12 academic curriculums are fully accredited, enabling Rush players to receive quality education while training at world-class facilities.

We are dedicated to shaping the future of student-athletes by providing them with a comprehensive and exceptional educational experience at Rush Education.

We are delighted to see Rush Education take shape, setting the stage for many more to come around the nation and world wide.  This program is in line with our Mission, “Progressive, Ambitious and Comprehensive.

– Arian Hoxha, Rush Soccer President