Theoretical Applications

Our approach to assessment is that students need to demonstrate higher-order skills of thinking as in Bloom’s Taxonomy. For this reason, we assess by observation as well as by tests, quizzes, and assignments which are embedded in the curriculum. The students are expected to participate in discussion groups and presentations.

From cognitive theory, we base our ideas on the way people think. The coach in the classroom models learning and thinking out loud by using the accepted model, I do. We do. You do. In addition, we draw from the behaviorist theory of learning in regards to a belief that the student behavior may be affected by the environment which is why we seek to provide a student support team with the parent who has a plan in place for successful performance.
Demonstrating humanist theories, teachers create classroom environments that move towards meeting the needs of the student to self-actualize believing that this is a top need for individuals. We provide the skills to assimilate specific knowledge, the research skills to build a scaffold of experience for understanding, the encourageme