Our Admissions Coordinators are Here to Help

Rush Education is different than most schools. Because of its custom individualized approach, we are committed to understanding the goals of the family, as well as the student, throughout the admissions process. Due to our blended approach, Rush Education is able to offer many options in the various areas of specialty. This means that the student has flexibility in determining and adjusting their learning journey while enrolled in the Academy. Rush Education’s calendar is from August to the end of May. 

The admissions process is an opportunity for our staff to learn about the student’s needs, interests, educational goals, learning styles, and specific areas of interest. The process includes the following steps.

Step One

The Rush Education Admissions sends all forms and applications to the parents of the potential student.

Step Two

Families will send our Director of Education an academic transcript from the student’s previous school along with letters of recommendation. All students must be in good standing with his/her previous school. International Students must translate their transcripts, course-by-course, into US standards.

Step Three

Upon agreement to move forward with transcript assessment and academic planning, full-time students pay a registration fee as the next step in the admissions process.

Step Four

Once the tuition payment and the student’s records from their previous school(s) are received, the Head of Academics Development creates a four-year academic plan for the full-time student.

Step Five

Each student will take an entrance exam during their orientation week. This exam will help determine your child’s placement in the school’s curriculum in English and Mathematics.

Cost of Admission

Varies by Club

Students will need to provide: transportation to and from school, a complete medical history, lunch, a laptop, and training gear.


In the Rush Education learning environment, students, coaches, and parents work together, all with a more active role, dedicated to helping the child succeed. Being a successful learner requires self-motivation, a commitment to time management, and a desire to achieve.

Middle School

High School

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